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Binomial Products (Multiplying/Expanding)

Example of a binomial product on a chalkboardMultiplication is one of the most basic of operations.

When it is applied to numbers it takes us some time (as young students) to learn the algorithms/methods involved.  This is equally true of multiplying algebraic expressions.  Mathematicians had to work out the best way of writing and understanding the symbols.  They then had to work out how to perform multiplications so that they gave consistent and correct answers.  You are walking in their footsteps.

I know that a lot of students struggle with this skill, but it may comfort you to know that no one, not even the greatest geniuses in history, were born knowing this skill.  Everyone has to learn it for the first time.  It just takes some determination and practice … but it certainly helps to have some understanding of what you are doing, and why.

I will be trying to share these insights with you as I show you what to do.

In time, I hope you grow to love algebra as I do (much as I like literature, music or art).  It is simply a form of expression, a dance of ideas, a pattern of concepts!

A Mathematical Pun ~ Explaining Binomial Products

One of the fundamental skills of algebra is being able to multiply larger expressions.  Here, I explain one of the most common of these structures ... how to multiply two terms by two terms.

Mathematically, we call this "multiplying a binomial by a binomial" or, simply, "a binomial product."

Before you turn away in disgust :-), let me encourage you to watch the video ... whether you already know how to do this, or not!  There is something here for everyone.

If you are not good at algebra and do not understand the process (or do not care), you will learn why you have been performing this skill with great regularity all your life ... it is very natural.  I actually speak about what happens at children's birthday parties.

If you are good at algebra and already know how to do this, you will be entertained with a mathematical pun.  On second thoughts, maybe it will make you groan :-) ... but I think it will be worth a few minutes of your time.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the video!

Brilliant!!! This helps so much!!! So much easier than anything else I have found. This is now simple.
Thanks again for showing the simple way of doing this. I look forward to the next video!! Absolutely brilliant.
Once again, excellent! I’ve watched many others, that have not helped nearly as much as these. Thanks for making it so easy to understand. When things get complicated, it is easy to make a mistake, but your method of writing down the structure helps to prevent mistakes.
Thanks a million!!! I’ve watched many videos and read tutorials, but still could not get two in a row correct on Khan Academy. Your explanation was so clear and simple that it finally made sense to me and now I can get all of the problems correct!!! Thank you very much.
It all makes total sense now! Thanks very much for all the derivative videos!!! Very helpful.
MemorizeAndLearn (on four different CCM YouTube videos about Differentiation)

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